3 Ways To Make Money With IBC Totes

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? IBC totes are a great way to get started! These versatile containers can be used for various purposes and offer plenty of opportunities to make money. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top three ways to make money with IBC totes. Keep reading to learn more about how you can start earning cash with these helpful containers.

First, let’s look at the basics of what IBC totes are. An IBC tote is a large plastic container that has been designed with an inner tank, outer casing and metal frame. It’s usually used for storing and transporting liquids or bulk materials in industrial settings but they can also be repurposed into something entirely new. You can turn your IBC totes into an income stream with a few modifications and creative thinking.

Now let’s discuss the three most popular ways people are making money from their IBC totes. From selling them as-is on online marketplaces to renting them out for short-term use by businesses, there are plenty of options available for those who want to explore their entrepreneurial side. Let’s dive right in and look at our top three picks!

Definition Of An IBC Tote

An IBC Tote, or Intermediate Bulk Container, is a large capacity storage tank used to store and transport liquids. It’s typically made of plastic, with walls of reinforced steel, and can hold up to 1,500 gallons of liquid at once. Its strength and size make it ideal for the transport of hazardous materials like diesel fuel or chemicals. This makes IBC Totes a popular choice for businesses looking to store and transport goods in bulk.

IBC Totes come in several types, from open-top tanks to stackable containers that can be filled and emptied quickly. They also come in various sizes depending on the amount of liquid you’re storing or transporting. The cost also varies depending on the size and type of container you need.

In addition to their use for industrial purposes, IBC Totes are becoming popular among entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. With an IBC Tote, you can store large amounts of liquid at a low cost while having a secure place to keep your products safe until they’re ready for sale. There are many ways to make money with an IBC Tote – let’s take a look at three of the most popular options.

Reuse Of Used IBC Totes

Recycling and reusing items can provide an excellent source of income. Used IBC totes are no exception. With a little bit of effort and creativity, one can make money from used IBC totes in many different ways. Here are the top three ways to get started:

The first way to make money from used IBC totes is to resell them. If you find a good deal on a used but still functional IBC tote, you can purchase it for less than its market value and resell it for a profit. You can also offer services such as cleaning, repairs or painting the totes before selling them for a higher price. This is an ideal option if you have the resources to invest in these materials and services upfront.

Another way to make money from used IBC totes is to repurpose them into something else entirely. The possibilities are endless – they could be transformed into planters, furniture pieces, storage units or even art installations! All it takes is some imagination and creative problem-solving skills to turn a used IBC tote into something that people would be willing to pay for.

Finally, another great way of making money off of used IBC totes is by renting them out temporarily for special events or construction projects. This option may require more upfront investment in order to properly maintain the units and make sure they are safe for use, but it could provide consistent income over time if done correctly.

There are many potential sources of income when it comes to recycling and reusing items like used IBC totes. With a little bit of effort, one can turn these discarded items into profitable investments that benefit both oneself and the environment!

Selling IBC Totes For Parts

Selling IBC totes for parts is a great way to make money. It’s relatively easy; all you have to do is find a buyer who needs the parts and supply them with what they need. You can typically get good prices for the parts, depending on the condition and quality of the totes. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly way to make money as you’re recycling and repurposing something that would otherwise be thrown away.

To start selling IBC totes for parts, the first step is to find buyers who are interested in purchasing them. This can be done by searching online or asking around at local businesses that might be in need of specific parts. Once you’ve identified potential buyers, it’s important to inspect each IBC tote to determine its condition and determine which parts are in working order and which ones will need repair or replacement.

The next step is to price your IBC totes accordingly, based on their condition and availability of parts. Make sure to include any additional costs like shipping, taxes, or labor costs in your pricing structure so that you don’t end up losing money on a sale. Finally, when it comes time for delivery, it’s important to provide detailed instructions on how to install the parts correctly so that your customer doesn’t have any issues when putting them into use.

Selling IBC totes for parts can be a great way to make some extra cash without having to invest too much time or energy into the process. With some research and knowledge about pricing and delivery options, anyone can start making money from these sales quickly and easily!

Acquiring Empty IBC Totes

One of the best ways to make money with IBC Totes is to acquire empty totes and resell them. Empty totes can be found in a variety of places, including online marketplaces and local vendors. Many vendors offer bulk discounts, allowing you to purchase several totes at once and increase your potential profits. It’s also important to check out the condition of any totes you purchase; damaged totes may need more repairs than they are worth.

Another option for acquiring empty totes is to contact companies that use them directly. These companies often have excess or unwanted inventory that they would be willing to sell at a discounted rate. Additionally, many of these companies may require a certain minimum order quantity, so it’s important to research what their requirements are before investing too much money in purchasing their inventory.

Finally, it’s worth considering renting empty IBC Totes instead of buying them outright. This allows you to purchase smaller quantities of totes more frequently and adjust your stock quickly as demand rises or falls. Additionally, rental arrangements could include maintenance services that could help save you time and money over the long term. All in all, there are plenty of ways to acquire empty IBC Totes that can help you make money with minimal effort.

Reconditioning Empty IBC Totes

Reconditioning empty IBC totes is a great way to make money. It requires minimal investment and can be done quite quickly, making it a great side hustle. First, you’ll need to locate an IBC tote to recondition. They can often be found at scrap yards or recycling centers for free or a small fee. Once you have the IBC tote, you’ll need to inspect it for any damage and make any necessary repairs. This may include patching holes, replacing the valves, or cleaning out the interior of dirt and debris.

After repairing the IBC tote, you’ll want to give it a thorough cleaning by hosing it off with water and detergent and letting it air dry before painting it. You should also consider adding in rust inhibitors or sealants to protect the metal from corrosion. Lastly, you can customize your IBC totes with paint or decals if desired.

Once completed, your reconditioned IBC totes will be ready to sell! You can either list them on online marketplaces like eBay or advertise locally through Craigslist or bulletin boards in local stores. With some creativity in marketing and pricing your product correctly, you could easily generate a nice income from selling reconditioned IBC totes!

Reselling Refurbished IBC Totes

Reselling refurbished IBC totes is a great way to make money. It’s an easy way to get into the recycling business without investing too much money in equipment or materials. Plus, there is a high demand for used IBC totes as they are often cheaper than buying new ones. Refurbishing and reselling these containers can be a lucrative endeavor if you do it correctly.

First, you’ll need to find used IBC totes that are still in good condition. You can either locate them yourself or purchase them from a reputable seller. Once you have your totes, inspect them for any damage and make sure they are properly labeled and up to code for resale. You’ll also need to clean the tanks thoroughly before reselling them as well.

Next, you’ll need to repair any damages that may have occurred during transportation or storage of the totes. This may include replacing lids, seals, valves, gaskets, etc. It’s important to double-check all repairs before putting the tanks back into circulation. Additionally, you may want to consider applying a protective coating such as epoxy paint or water sealant over the entire container.

Finally, once your IBC totes are ready for sale, decide on your pricing strategy and market your products accordingly. Make sure your prices are competitive with other sellers in the same industry and advertise your services through social media platforms and other online channels like classified listing websites or forums related to IBCs and recycling products. With some effort, you should be able to start making money from reselling refurbished IBCs in no time!

Renting Out Refurbished IBC Totes

Renting out refurbished IBC totes is a great way to make money. Refurbished IBC totes are plastic containers that have been cleaned and inspected for reuse. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including the transportation and storage of liquids, chemicals, food products, and even hazardous materials. By renting out these totes, you can earn a good income while providing businesses with valuable resources.

The first step in getting started is to find a reliable supplier of refurbished IBC totes. You should look for companies that offer high-quality products and reasonable prices. Additionally, you should ensure that they have the necessary certifications to meet local regulations and safety standards. Once you’ve found a suitable supplier, you’ll need to get your business set up so you can start renting out the totes.

Next, you’ll need to decide on pricing for your rental services. Depending on the type of product being stored or transported in the totes, you may need to charge different rates. You should also consider offering discounts or other incentives such as free shipping or extra protection if necessary. Finally, it’s important to provide excellent customer service so customers will feel comfortable returning their rentals quickly and in good condition.

By taking these steps, renting out refurbished IBC totes can be an easy way to make money while providing businesses with valuable resources at an affordable cost. With careful planning and dedication, this could become a lucrative business venture that sets itself apart from competitors in the industry.

Finding Scrap Metal Buyers For Unusable Containers

Finding scrap metal buyers for unusable containers is an excellent way to make money with an IBC Tote. The first step is to locate a reliable scrap metal buyer in the local area. It’s important to research what the going rate is for scrap metals in the area and find out if the buyer offers any additional services such as free pickup or delivery. Once you have identified a buyer, contact them and arrange a time to drop off the container(s) for sale.

When delivering unusable IBC Totes, it’s important to ensure that all tanks are thoroughly cleaned before being sold. This will help maintain good customer relations and provide assurance that the tanks are safe for use by the buyer. Make sure to include any information about the condition of each container, including any potential damage or contamination that may be present.

Once you’ve agreed on a price with your scrap metal buyer, it’s time to get paid! Depending on their policies, payment can be made in cash or check at time of delivery. If payment isn’t received right away, make sure to ask when you can expect it and if there are any other steps needed in order for it to be processed. Selling unusable containers can net a nice profit if done correctly!

Developing A Reputation As A Reliable Supplier

Making money through an IBC tote business requires a reliable and trusted reputation. One way to achieve this is by providing quality services and products consistently. It’s important to consistently deliver good customer service, as well as ensure that the tote is delivered on time and in perfect condition. If a customer has a problem with their order, it should be addressed quickly and efficiently. By building trust through excellent service, customers are likely to return for future orders and even recommend the business to others.

Another way of earning money from an IBC tote business is by gaining repeat business from existing customers. This can be achieved by ensuring that the customer’s needs are met each time they order. It helps to keep in contact with customers via email or phone so that any questions or problems can be answered promptly. Additionally, offering discounts for repeat customers will encourage them to stay loyal and continue ordering from the same supplier.

Finally, creating loyalty programs can help earn more money from an IBC tote business. Loyalty programs could include exclusive offers such as discounted prices or free shipping on certain items that are only offered to returning customers. Other ideas could include referral rewards where customers who refer new clients receive bonus points or discounts off their next purchase. These types of incentives encourage customers to continue buying from your store while also helping you attract new ones. With these strategies in place, businesses can build up a strong reputation as reliable suppliers and make more money in the long run.

Establishing Relationships With Businesses In Need Of IBCs

The first step to making money with IBC totes is establishing relationships with businesses that need them. Establishing a relationship with a business in need of an IBC tote requires a bit of legwork. You’ll need to research the business, find out what kind of products they carry, and make sure they have the capacity to store and transport your totes. Once you’ve identified a business that needs your totes, it’s time to start networking. Reach out to contacts at the company, introduce yourself and explain why your totes are necessary for their operations. It’s also important to provide details about pricing and delivery options so that potential customers understand how much it will cost them.

Once you’ve established contact with potential customers, it’s time to start selling. You can offer discounts on bulk orders or bundle packages including multiple IBCs for larger businesses who may need multiple units at once. Offering discounts or special promotions can help incentivize customers in making their purchase decisions quickly and efficiently. Additionally, be sure to keep track of all customer orders so that you can follow up on any future orders they may have.

By establishing relationships with businesses in need of IBCs, you can ensure that your product is readily available when customers come looking for it. With the right approach, you can turn these relationships into long-term opportunities for success. With some hard work and dedication, you’ll be able to make money off of your IBCs in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Shipping Method For IBC Totes?

One of the most important considerations for shipping IBC totes is determining the best method. Shipping can be a crucial factor in determining the success of a business, and it’s important to consider which shipping method will cost the least and result in your products arriving on time and undamaged. There are several options available when it comes to shipping IBC totes, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

The first option is air freight shipping. It’s often the quickest way to ship something due to its speed, reaching destinations within days or even hours depending on where you’re sending it to. Air freight also offers more control over the package, as well as providing protection against damage during transit. The downside is that air freight can be very expensive, making it difficult for businesses with tight budgets to use this method of shipping.

Ground shipment is another popular option for transporting IBC totes. This method typically takes longer than air freight but has significantly lower costs associated with it. Ground shipments can take anywhere from two days up to several weeks depending on where you’re sending your package. Additionally, ground shipments usually have better tracking options available so you can keep an eye on where your package is at all times.

Finally, rail transportation may be an ideal solution if you’re looking for an economical way to ship IBC totes without sacrificing speed or reliability. It’s typically faster than ground shipment but still cheaper than air freight; however, rail transport does not offer any tracking options so you won’t know exactly where your package is at any given time during transit.

When selecting the best shipping method for your IBC totes, it’s important to weigh up all of these factors carefully before deciding which one suits your needs best — cost-efficiency, speed, tracking capabilities and reliability should all be taken into account when making this decision.

How Much Does It Cost To Acquire An Empty IBC Tote?

Acquiring an empty IBC tote can be a cost-effective way of shipping goods, but how much does it actually cost? Depending on the size, material and type of tote you buy, the price may vary. It’s important to note that IBC totes are not cheap and should typically be seen as a long-term investment.

When deciding which type of tote to purchase, there are a few factors to consider. The most common options include plastic and steel IBC totes. Steel models may be more expensive upfront, but they tend to last longer than plastic versions because they are more durable and resistant to wear and tear. Furthermore, some plastic models may require additional costs for special coatings or liners that help protect the contents from damage during shipping.

In addition, you’ll want to factor in additional costs such as transport fees and any necessary maintenance or repair costs that may arise over time. It’s important to research your options thoroughly before making a final decision in order to ensure you get the best product for your needs at the lowest possible cost.

No matter what type of IBC tote you choose to invest in, it’s important that you weigh all of your options carefully so that you can make an informed decision based on your budget and preferences. A little bit of research can go a long way when it comes time to purchase an IBC Tote!

Are There Any Safety Regulations I Should Be Aware Of When Handling IBC Totes?

When handling IBC totes, safety regulations should be taken seriously. It is important to understand and abide by the specific regulations of your area, as well as the general guidelines set by your local government and industry organizations. With proper care and caution, the use of IBC totes can be a safe and effective way to store and transport hazardous materials.

Before handling an IBC tote, it is important to familiarize yourself with any laws or regulations that may apply in your area. Different areas have different rules regarding what materials can be stored in an IBC tote, how they should be labeled, and other safety precautions that must be taken when handling them. Additionally, if you are storing hazardous materials inside of your IBC tote, make sure that you have consulted with the relevant authorities on what additional measures need to be taken.

It is also important to take into consideration any potential risks associated with using IBC totes. Make sure that you inspect your totes for any damage or defects before use, as these can greatly increase the risk of serious injury or even death if not addressed properly. Additionally, always make sure that the lid is securely fastened when transporting an IBC tote from one place to another. This will ensure that no hazardous material can escape from the container during transit.

Taking these safety precautions into account can help ensure that you are able to safely handle and transport materials when using an IBC Tote. Following all applicable laws and regulations as well as taking measures such as inspecting for damages or defects are essential steps in keeping yourself safe while using this product.

Is There A Market For Used IBC Totes?

When it comes to used goods, it is common to wonder if they are still marketable. This is especially true when it comes to IBC totes, and the question of whether there is a market for them. After all, these large and sturdy containers can be expensive to purchase new, thus making the idea of second-hand models appealing. But does a market for these exist?

The answer is yes – there absolutely is a market for used IBC totes. In fact, there are many businesses that specialize in buying and selling used containers. These businesses typically inspect each container before purchasing them, ensuring that they are in good condition and suitable for reuse. They also refurbish any containers that may need some minor repairs or repainting before putting them up for sale again.

The companies then offer their inventory of used IBC totes at prices that are often significantly lower than new ones. This makes them attractive to people who want a cost-effective option for storing and transporting liquids or goods safely and securely. Additionally, buyers can take comfort in knowing that the containers have already been tested by professionals so they can be assured of their quality and usability.

In short, while there may be some hesitation around purchasing used items, those looking to buy IBC totes do not need to worry – there is definitely a thriving market out there for them! With proper care and maintenance, these containers can provide years of reliable use at an affordable price point – making them an excellent investment for any business or individual looking to save money without sacrificing quality.

What Is The Expected Lifespan Of A Refurbished IBC Tote?

When it comes to finding a reliable and long-lasting storage solution for liquid products, an intermediate bulk container (IBC) tote is often a great choice. But just how long can you expect a refurbished IBC tote to last? This is an important consideration when it comes to determining the overall value of investing in one of these containers.

The lifespan of any type of IBC tote will depend on the quality of the material used in its manufacture and the frequency with which it is used. Generally speaking, if the IBC tote is made from high-quality materials and handled properly, then it should last anywhere from five to ten years. Of course, this varies depending on the environment in which it is stored — things like temperature fluctuations and exposure to corrosive substances can all contribute to its wear and tear over time.

If you plan on using your refurbished IBC Tote for frequent or intensive applications, then it’s wise to invest in one that has been manufactured from tougher materials like stainless steel or polyethylene. Additionally, proper maintenance and regular cleaning can help extend its lifespan significantly. In order for your IBC Tote to remain in top condition for longer periods of time; inspect it regularly for signs of damage or wear, such as cracks or holes around seams or joints.

So whether you’re looking for a short-term storage solution or something more permanent, understanding the expected lifespan of your refurbished IBC Tote can help you get the most out of your investment. With careful maintenance and attention paid to its usage conditions, you can be sure that your container will provide reliable service for many years ahead.


In conclusion, IBC Totes are an efficient and affordable shipping method for businesses of all sizes. They come in a variety of sizes and are relatively easy to acquire. It’s important to be aware of safety regulations when handling them and to make sure they’re properly maintained. There is also a market for used IBC Totes, making it easy to recoup some of the original investment. With proper care, a refurbished IBC Tote can last for many years.

For businesses looking to make money with IBC Totes, there are three main ways: selling them on the secondary market, renting them out for short-term use, or offering delivery services. Each option has its own unique advantages and drawbacks; however, all three offer viable options for generating income.

Overall, IBC Totes are an excellent way to save money and increase efficiency when transporting bulk items. With the right knowledge and effort, they can also be a great source of income. Whether you decide to buy new or refurbished totes or take advantage of rental or delivery services – the opportunities are there and the potential rewards can be huge!

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