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We offer over twenty five years of experience in assisting companies with solving their tank cleaning challenges. Our customers are finding that they have cleaner containers/tanks while experiencing time saves, less cost and enhanced durability resulting in much less maintenance. We are confident that we can recommend and provide you with a tank cleaner for your project that will exceed your expectations.

IBC/Tote Cleaning

The Moog tank cleaner is perfect for cleaning IBC’s, totes, and asset tanks with a high pressure/low flow 3d spray pattern. The Roto Jet’s cleaning abilities are far above other cleaners. Get clean totes in under 5 min. for a complete cycle

Tanker Cleaning

Whether you clean your tank trailers with high pressure/minimal flow or low pressure/higher flow, we have the perfect tank cleaner for you. Our products range from the Roto Jet to the larger Gamma Jet or Cloud models.

Wine Barrel Cleaning

Our portable barrel cleaners are designed for high pressure cleaning with a spray head rotating 360 degrees. They clean the inside of the barrel and have an integrated suction system which siphons off the dirty water at the same time

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We have tank cleaners that are effective in cleaning most tanks, even in difficult and challenging applications. Whether your requirement is for rinsing or an aggressive high pressure cleaning, we can meet your needs!

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We work with you on getting your projects up and running, and help you stay that way. With us you aren’t just getting cutting edge technology, you get the experts along with it! And for your convenience we maintain an inventory of all parts for the Moog Tank Cleaners!


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Up until recently we’ve only used other wash wands to clean IBCs. This was until we decided to try a Moog tank cleaner available through Haglage Associates. The difference in quality and productivity was immediately noticeable between the two. We are already seeing an increase in our cleaning efficiency and a decrease in required maintenance. We have since placed another order and plan to covert everything to these Moog tank cleaners in the very near future.

Brandon C

Operations Manager

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Three-dimensional rotating spray heads: For the most efficient and economical internal cleaning of all types of containers.

MOOG tank washers stand out in particular through the following advantages:

  • Available in standard shaft lengths, as well as in special shaft lengths (from 170 mm upwards, on request)
  • Top quality, rugged design
  • Depending on the model, suitable for a working pressure up to 250 bar 3625 psi
  • Easy handling, low maintenance costs
  • Lightweight

MOOG tank washers can be employed for the cleaning of:

  • Drying plants Spray towers
  • Bottling plants Pipelines
  • Reactors
  • IBC
  • Container cleaning plants Case washing plants
  • Centrifuges Fermenters
  • Wine barrels Steel tanks
  • Silos Filters
  • Furnaces
  • Agitators
  • Concrete mixers
  • Mixing vessels
  • Vacuum vessels
  • Grease extractors Bottle cleaning
  • Kegs
  • Truck cleaning Freight car cleaning
  • Chemical barrels and many more

Use our barrel cleaners for a gentle cleaning of your wine barrels. Go for the best cleaners on the market – your barrels deserve it!

Use our automatic, rapid, and reliable cleaning of beer barrels of varying sizes. Lower your water consumption, save money and cleaning time; all with Haglage!

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