About Us

Worldwide Partner: We are happy to be the Moog partner in the US and Canada. We have been associated with Moog for over 25 years. Having observed the Moog tank cleaners in action we have seen the quality and durability in even the most harsh applications. Moog has a tremendous reputation for quality and they have earned it.

High Quality/Low Maintenance: The Moog tank cleaners are a low maintenance item. We have worked with several tank cleaning operations to compare the Moog units against other high pressure cleaners and the reduced maintenance of the Moog cleaners was very apparent.

Service: We provide full service for most tank cleaners. We maintain a full supply of parts in order that we can respond to your needs quickly. Normally we can ship parts the same day. Or if you prefer and the need arises we can service your tank cleaners at our facility in Ohio with minimum turnaround time.

Experience/Solutions: Based on our 35 years of business experience, we offer a high level of expertise in consultation and providing technical services. If you have questions about these products or services please give us a call.

Contact Us at:

Office Phone: 513-732-2700

Mobile: 513-218-6392

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.